Sunday, December 2, 2018

Holidailies Day 2: Yellow Submarine

Quiet day today watching movies and stitching.

We saw Love Actually for the first time yesterday - I'm not sure how we managed to never see it before.  I liked parts of it a lot... and all the focus on boobs and asses and and calling tiny people 'fat' made me highly annoyed.  The whole movie is very, very British.

We also watched the latest episode of Outlander, and I truly am enjoying that series.  I read the books years ago when I was recovering from a broken hip and had a lot of downtime to pass.  After so many years, I can't recall all the finer plot points, but it does seem to be hitting the major ones just fine, and capturing the 'feel' of the books.

For dinner I made Gulashsuppe - a recipe I've been working on for decades and is just about my favorite comfort food for a cold night.

My stitching today:

Blackbird Designs
32ct Stellar Lugana over 2

This is part of an entire series of Beatles-themed pieces, and eventually I hope to do them all.

Recently Read: The Cooking Gene, Michael J. Twitty
Currently (Re)Reading: Everything is Illuminated, Jonathan Frazen Foer

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  1. I don't think I have ever seen "Love Actually" either. The Yellow Submarine is so cool!