Saturday, December 1, 2018

Holidailies Day 1: Holiday Magick

Welp, here we go again - Holidailies, the once a year attempt to post daily for the month of December which I always give up on within the first week. Traditions! They're important!

I feel like this first entry should be a catch up of sorts of my life-in-general.

Michael and I moved this past spring to an apartment in Fairfax, and I love it - good neighbors, just the right size to give us room to turn around in and not so much that we stuff it full of things that would turn into mountains of debris that will one day crush us.

Last fall, our lovely old beagle, Sadie, passed away at 16 years and we still miss her. This year, we brought Sasha into our lives.  She's about 3 years old and while I call her a chihuahuah mix, on consideration we are sure she's about 98% Jack Russell Terrier.  She's sweet and obnoxious, as all the best dogs are.

We spent a few days in Bethany Beach, DE in September - I enjoy the area a lot but definitely prefer the 'off season' when it is far less hot, less crowded and dogs are allowed to walk on the beach.

October saw my daughter and her family come back to the US after a 3 year tour of duty in Stuttgart with the Army.  They stayed with us for a month while they transitioned to civilian life, and now live in Stafford, VA.  At a mere hour away, that's closer than any of my kids have lived to me in many years!

This evening, we saw their new place for the first time - the kids spoiled Sasha for several hours, and we had a quiet evening playing boardgames.

So, that's the brief catch up. I plan to use each day here this month sharing my cross stitchery. I plan to work on one of my WIPs (works-in-progress) each day this month.

I finished this quirky little thing this morning:

Ink Circles

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