Monday, December 3, 2018

Holidailies Day 3: Steotchalong 6

Michael and I go back and forth a lot on trying to 'eat healthier' - for us, that's more or less got to do with holding the weight gain at bay, get a grip on portion sizes (him) and avoiding things that set off the worst of acid reflux (me).

Honestly, I ought to be on a full on anti-inflammatory diet to help control the rheumatoid arthritis, too.  But the damage has already been done, and taking away all the foods I like on top of that hardly seems fair.

But... we tossed all that overboard in October, when we had houseguests - there was just no way I was going to feed two kids and two extra adults with very different tastes from ours, and do it all with fresh produce, well sourced meats and no shortcuts.

So as of now, we're trying to mostly cook at ho me, but the bread monster has crept back into our daily lives and we're back again to "We'll deal with this in January."  Poor January. January sucks.

Yesterday afternoon, Michael reheated some leftover pizza from the night before. We do pizza very, very rarely, so we were looking forward to the leftovers.

Except, he plated the slices and turned around to bring one to me, and I guess he turned around a little more quickly than he thought because the pizza on both plates slide off at warp speed and landed in the sink while we just stared at each other, stricken!

Short story long... tonight he's going to pick up pizza for dinner.  And then, that's probably it for us and pizza for the next few months.

Today, I'm stitching on Steotch's Steotchalong 6 - every year, the snarky stitchery designer, Steotch, reels out a mystery pattern a week at a time.   It's usually some sort of pop culture reference, and guaranteed to be funny, snarky, and a little bit twisted.  The last section usually involves several 'choose your own adventure' options.

This year, it was also choose your own colors, before it began.  This is how mine looks, current as of this past week.  The fabric is a sparkly off-white evenweave, and the threads are all variegated silks.

The latest section became available last night, so now I have a much better idea of where we're going with this, but I won't say until I can show it in stitches.

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