Saturday, December 3, 2016

Ok, Let's do this thing

It's only been about a millionty-seven years since I actually tried any straight up online journaling, so the best I can say about my doing Holidailies is.. I'll try. If you look at the archives, you'll see my short lived failed stab at last years NaNoWriMo poetry theme with Magaly Guerrero.  Two whole days worth! Oi.

So, super speedy update for anyone who may have ever followed me way, way back in the day:

I got divorced.
I had some massive health issues.
My kids grew up and are sprouting families of their own and scattered around the globe.
I married fellow journalist and BFF Michael Hardy.
We live in Falls Church City, VA and are crazy-stupid-happy.
Life is good.
(discounting the whole 'omg, what did we just elect?!!!' thing.  I'll probably leave that out of Hollidailies - for that, find me on Facebook.

Our plans for December are to head off to WV to visit my youngest, her husband and my brand new granddaughter for a week, and we've be heading off somewhere -we've not decided yet - for Christmas.  I expect to fill my days with trivialities, and that's ok.

Nice to see you!  Onward!


  1. Happy Holidailies!

  2. Welcome back. Crazy stupid happy sounds perfect. Happy Holidailies (